Ground Traffic Control®

Zonar Ground Traffic Control

Make Your Fleet Data Work for You with Fleet Management Software

Ground Traffic Control (GTC) provides a real-time picture of all fleet operations with an intuitive look and feel. With an unlimited number of users and 24/7 access from a computer, tablet, or smartphone, GTC is a secure web-based application.

Customized for You
User-friendly dashboards and reporting features make finding data for informed decisions quick and easy. Customize dashboards for each user—whether a fleet manager, mechanic, operations executive, or dispatcher—for easy daily access. Field supervisors can manage assets remotely via our companion app, GTC FieldView™.

Security and Ease-of-Use
Unique user log-ins enable customized permissions so employees only see the information applicable to their role. This secure web-based application allows multiple worksites to access data from any Internet-enabled device. Staying in touch with those on the move is no longer an obstacle.

Anywhere Fleet Tracking
Real-time visibility into fleet and project operations from any web-enabled device and alerting functions so you can act quickly.

Powerful Reporting
Analytic algorithms and exception-based reporting distill large amounts of fleet data into actionable reports and dashboards.

Your Fleet at Your Fingertips

  • Know Your Fleet's Locations and Actions
  • Monitor Your Fleet Anytime and Anywhere
  • Run Time-Stamped Reports and Receive Alerts
  • Manage Single Asset or Your Entire Fleet

Key Features:

  • Map every turn of the key, every stop and start, and all activity
  • Easily measure driver performance, such as speed, path, safety and idling
  • Customize reports, alerts and dashboards for each user’s preferences
  • Pre-set subscriptions for multiple users to receive reoccurring reports
  • Automate tasks that were once a burden on drivers, dispatchers and administrative staff
  • Integrate with third-party systems using our open API

Ground Traffic Control will provide your organization with the most accessible real-time picture of its fleet operations.

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