CommandCentral AXS

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CommandCentral AXS

A dispatch console built from the voices behind the mic. More than 5,000 research hours immersed in your workflows. The result? A public safety dispatch experience developed around how you define success.

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Simplify your voice dispatch operations

Reduce errors and speed responses with an intuitive voice dispatch console that’s configurable based on your protocols, roles and locations.

Next Generation Dispatch Experience
Modern, resource-centric graphical user interface (GUI) works the way you do, responding to touch, type or click.

Simplified software upgrades
Continuously improved, less disruptive security updates and feature enhancements.

Mission-critical dispatching
80+ years of innovation and reliability.

Bring clarity to complexity
Dispatch your way with a look and feel custom-calibrated to make sense to your team. Use shift-based configurations and screen layouts for main centers, special events or disaster scenarios.