Network and Storage Switches

Brocade Campus Network Switches

Bandwidth needs are growing at a rapid pace. Day Wireless has partnered with Brocade to provide network solutions to help our customers with their innovative line of campus network switches. Brocade has 15 years of expertise in storage, networking, and virtualization. Simplify your network management, lower costs, reduce application time, and data easier to deliver. Let us help you modernize your campus network to meet the needs of your users.

  • Reduced Costs
  • Effortlessly Scale Port Density, Bandwidth, and Network Services
  • Simple to Deploy, Easily Manage and Deliver Data
  • Reduce Application Time
  • Seamless Wireless Mobility & Network Security
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • High Performance and Reliable Operation

Flexible and Easy Network Scalability

Upgrade to a reliable and high performance system with our campus network switches. Brocade’s flexible system and compact design allows you to easily scale your port density, bandwidth, and network service. Their compact design has the ability to stack switches without special cables and stack bandwidth.

Reduce Costs

Work smarter, not harder. Brocade’s campus networking switches are designed to reduce your campus network acquisition, management, power, cooling, and support costs. Easily manage your network switches as a single device.

Campus Network Switches

Brocade Campus Fabric ICX and VDX switches enables your network to reach anywhere it is needed on any device necessary without the intensive overhauling upgrades otherwise required by legacy designs. Brocade’s premium switches share advanced services with entry-level switches in one centralized management system that supports interoperability with open standard to support best-of-breed networks. Network deployment and maintenance is simplified with automation.

Brocade ICX 7450 Switch

The most flexible switch includes a high-performance service module for IPsec VPN, industry-leading port and stacking density, and PoH.

Brocade ICX 7250 Switch

Support up to eight 10G ports and unmatched 1G density in a distributed 12-switch stack with this entry-level switch.

Brocade ICX 6610 Switch

Share the premium services of this high-performance switch with entry-level ICX 6450 switches in mixed stacks to optimize cost per port.

Brocade ICX 6430 and 6450 Switches

These manageable, entry-level switches support advanced routing, inherits premium ICX 6610 features in mixed stack configurations, and gives you unmatched availability and economics for an entry-level switch—all in a manageable solution.

Brocade FCX Series

This highly available switch features automated stack discovery, configuration, and management.

Effortless Campus Wide Networking

Scale Capacity And Capability When And Where Needed 

Easily add network bandwidth to suit new applications. Or scale bandwidth services by sharing premium switch features with entry-level switches in a distributed chassis. The distributed stackable architecture delivers 10G and 40G core and aggregation performance for a fraction of the cost of chassis deployments. Modular chassis options can scale to 100G.

Open Standards Support Best-Of-Breed Networks

Today’s networks provide more than a simple technology infrastructure. Compliance with open standards supports multi-vendor interoperability with best-of-breed products. Ease your transition to a software-defined networking future to support today’s needs yet be able to evolve to meet tomorrow’s demands.

Automation Simplifies Network Deployment And Maintenance

Add ports campus-wide. They’ll automatically become part of a single, centrally managed logical device, reducing administration time and speeding resource deployment to network users. Unleash new levels of IT operations agility.

Brocade Campus Network Tco Calculator

Not sure which system fits your needs? You’re 3 steps away from seeing how Brocade can reduce your campus network acquisition, power, cooling, and support costs.

Use Brocade’s Campus Network TCO Calculator to compare.

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