Motorola Chargers And Reconditioners

Motorola Solutions Chargers


Versatile charging options can power your workforce with the help of state-of-the-art IMPRES technology, which provides unique battery-charging and reconditioning solutions.

For Public Safety

Choose from a variety of solutions including single-unit, unique dual-unit, multi-unit, travel and vehicular chargers and be confident your radio is charged and ready to go the moment you need it.

Charge Fast. Respond Faster.
With IMPRES 2 chargers, you can charge IMPRES 2 batteries up to 40% faster. Customize your charging to extend the life of batteries in storage. And manage power more intelligently with enhanced diagnostics, so you get the most from each battery. Get a detailed look at performance while your batteries charge. A built-in diagnostic tool, integrated in the multi-unit charger, provides important usage data, such as a battery's ability to hold a charge and its time in service. Use the information to manage your fleet more efficiently and replace low-capacity batteries before it's too late.