Motorola Bluetooth Accessories

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This portfolio of Motorola Solutions Bluetooth accessories is a game changer, giving you the flexibility to remove the radio from your belt and stay connected within 30 feet. Your people rely on clear, continuous communication wherever their work takes them. And you rely on the Motorola radio system to keep them connected, current and collaborative.

For Public Safety

APX Wireless Remote Speaker Microphone
The APX wireless remote speaker microphone (RSM) cuts the cord so public safety users no longer need to worry about tangled cords and can now work safer and more efficiently. Every feature on this RSM has been purposefully designed. Large, yet recessed push-to-talk and emergency buttons are easy to access and designed to prevent accidental activation.

APX Mission-Critical Wireless Push-To-Talk Pod
When your radio is out of reach, use the APX Mission-Critical Wireless PTT pod in your pocket or on a jacket. With its large PTT button and volume control, it can be operated effortlessly, even with gloves on.

APX Mission-Critical Wireless Earpiece
Count on hearing messages loud and clear when you're on the move – with a small, clear earpiece that enhances your situational awareness and a powerful behind-the-ear microphone. Now you can hear communications clearly without blocking out external sounds around you.

APX Mission-Critical Wireless Single-Wire Earbud
Both the single-wire and 2-wire earbuds look like consumer devices, so officers appear to be talking on phones or listening to music. Our earbuds stay snug and secure in the ear, so you can communicate confidently on the go. An in-line microphone on top of the earbud makes it ideal for noisier environments.

APX Mission-Critical Wireless Covert Audio Kit
Made for surveillance with accessories that match your undercover operations. Kit is equipped with a variety of consumer-looking, professional-caliber accessories.

APX Mission-Critical Wireless Completely Discreet Kit
Ideal for the most covert situations where moving freely without drawing attention is a must. With the tiny receiver totally hidden in the ear and the communications loop under a shirt or jacket, you can listen to your radio in complete privacy – no one can see any equipment.

For Commercial

Get More Freedom and Flexibility with Motorola Solutions Bluetooth Accessories Designed for Business
With Motorola Operations-Critical Wireless accessories, you'll find flexible, cost-effective Bluetooth® solutions that give your people more freedom in their communications and more mobility in their workday. So, they can move without wires, converse discreetly and even take their radio off their belt whenever the job requires it.

Choose from a broad portfolio of wireless Motorola Solutions Bluetooth® accessories for safer, more effective communications. Our solutions are designed to unleash your MOTOTRBO™ radio and help you discover better ways to work, wherever that may be.

Ruggedly reliable and Bluetooth certified, Motorola Solutions progressive portfolio ranges from lightweight, high-performing earbuds and earpieces to a wireless push-to-talk (PTT) pod you can put in a pocket and link to any accessory. All without the inconvenience of wires that can get caught or tangled.

Long Range Wireless
Designed for customers who depend on their high-power mobile radio for system connection but must work outside of their vehicle. The Long-Range Wireless solution allows you to maintain critical communications even on remote job sites.